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Why Every Company Should Use Corrugated Boxes?

by Purva Jagtap
Why Every Company Should Use Corrugated Boxes?

If you have some insights, you would know that 95% of packages and products are shipped in corrugated boxes. It’s safe to say that corrugated boxes are available everywhere, so much that it has become the ultimate material for various companies and brands. In particular, corrugated boxes have become the go-to option for the packaging industry. 

On the other hand, the corrugated display boxes are for retail companies. However, everyone asks, “why?” To begin with, the corrugated boxes are extremely lightweight and have a low-cost configuration. The corrugated boxes are readily available, hence the safe packaging solution. With this article, we are sharing more reasons why every brand should use corrugated boxes!

Higher Protection 

The corrugated boxes tend to be stronger as compared to the regular cardboard boxes. It’s pretty evident that corrugated boxes act as the stable cushions for products that are being carried around and optimize product handling and shipping. In addition, the size and thickness of corrugated boxes depend on the products. 

On top of everything, corrugated boxes are curated to keep the bacteria and moisture at bay. That being said, it eventually protects the products within the box. In particular, these boxes are great for food products and have the capacity to withhold extensive shipping times. 

Easier Customizability 

The corrugated packaging and boxes are extremely easy to customize. They can be customized according to your desires. The corrugated box manufacturers like WeCustomBoxes can customize the boxes according to your needs. In addition, they can customize the boxes according to the products while keeping the personal business prerequisites in mind. 

Sustainability & Cost-Effectiveness

The corrugated boxes are known to be the cost-effective packaging option in the packaging crowd out there. The corrugated boxes don’t actually need the high labor costs and don’t require the high-cost tools for manufacturing the boxes. Other than that, the corrugated boxes are extremely easy to recycle, so you are eventually saving the environment. 

Suitable For Branding 

We have already mentioned that corrugated material is easy to customize, so you can customize the boxes according to the brand. Eventually, it helps create brand awareness through customized branding. Custom branding is actually an effective method of impressing the customers since it means business and creates a professional outlook. 

On top of everything, you can depend on corrugated boxes to add a personal touch to the boxes which are highly likely to create a loyal and trusting relationship with the clients. That being said, your customers are likely to keep coming back for more products. 


When it comes down to the corrugated boxes, they are manufactured with around 70% to 100% recycled materials which makes them suitable as eco-friendly packaging. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that corrugated material is green packaging which makes it easy to recycle. In addition, it can be repurposed and disposed of. The best part is that they don’t have dyes and bleaches, hence easy to recycle and repurpose. 


If you are a brand or manufacturer of heavy products, you don’t really want to increase the shipping costs and weight of your shipment by using heavy packaging. That being said, you can opt for corrugated boxes because they are lightweight as well as sturdy. The lightweight design makes them convenient for people who shop and they won’t have to bear extra shipping costs. Similarly, there won’t be any compromises on the safety of the products. 


Corrugated boxes and packaging are famous for being reusable and recyclable materials. That’s to say because the corrugated packaging can be easily folded up and you can put them away for reusability. That being said, the packaging will be easy to reuse and recycle. 

Flexible Configuration 

The corrugated boxes can be manufactured in various sizes and wall configurations. We are saying this because you can opt for single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall designs depending on the protection needs. The corrugated boxes are suitable for packing a variety of products which makes them a flexible packaging option in the current packaging industry. 

The Basics Of Corrugated Packaging 

Now that we have outlined the benefits of corrugated packaging, it is essential to figure out the type of corrugated box for your business. This is because there are various factors to consider while creating corrugated boxes and they are easy to customize. It doesn’t matter if you want a lightweight box for cutting on the costs or a carton with thick cardboard to add protection, there is something for everyone. 

To begin with, you have to consider various flute profiles, such as A, B, C, E, and E. Flute A is the largest flute (the flute determines the wall thickness of the corrugated packaging and the stacking strength). To illustrate, flute A is around 5mm thick which makes it suitable for products that need extra strength and cushioning. So, do your research before choosing the right thickness

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