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Styling with your glasses – How to get the perfect look

by Madhuri Boinwad
Styling with your glasses - How to get the perfect look

Getting a perfect look that can mesmerize everyone is hard to get. It is harder when you wear glasses. Glasses can make you studious and geeky. But that is the case when you don’t know which glasses will fit right with your style of outfits. You can wear bohemian attire and wear geeky glasses with them. You will look fine but not perfect. 

To get a perfect look, you need to balance all the elements starting from your face, your skin tone, your style of outfits and all the accessories you are wearing. Just make sure you are not wearing too much as wearing more is actually less. Getting rid of few jingles can balance your look.

Urban Chic Look

A perfect blend of modern urban look with the right amount of chicness. Get a chic top and match them with your ripped jeans. Pair with matching heels and wear these stylish sparkle brown nude glasses. These glasses match all skin tones. These bring highlights to your eyes. You will stand out mesmerising the onlookers with your stylish look. 

Do light makeup with more emphasis on your eye makeup. Wear burgundy eyeliner to make your eyes look contrasting with the brown glasses. Volumize your eyelashes and apply a light shade of eyeshadow. Your eyes will glitter behind your glasses and your urban-chic style will make you the centre of attention.

Chic Look

Nobody can resist the charm of elegance and sophistication. Chic outfits bring out your fineness and elegant style. Wear a monotone, light coloured shade of dress and match it with matching stilettos. Wear minimalist accessories and pair them with these transparent light blue cat-eye glasses. These fashionable glasses will give you an amiable aura. You will look sophisticated but friendly enough.

Urban Look

If you are urban from top to bottom, then you can only get a balanced look with urban glasses. Match your ripped jeans, quirky top, stylish shoes with these hipster camouflage khaki eyeglasses. These glasses match well with just any modern outfit. You can pair your khaki outfit with these glasses and get a perfect look to go on a tour around the city or hanging out with your friends.

Athleisure Style

If you wear your sports shoes almost everywhere, whether you are on a backpacking trip or just strolling in the city, then you can step up your athleisure look with these glasses in black gunmetal.

These aviator style glasses in geometric shape make you look bold and outgoing. You are active, reliable and confident. Your dynamic personality will gather everyone’s attention.

Girl Next door

If you are looking for glasses for daily use that will make you look smart and confident. Also, a pretty and cute girl next door look, these designer teal green glasses frames will bring out your desired look.

Get these glasses in blue lens glasses to protect your eyes from the harm of blue light. 

Vintage style

If you are a fan of vintage style and retro culture, you can bring out your style with these vintage-inspired brown eyeglasses with tortoiseshell temple tips. These glasses match almost all outfit. The thin-rimmed glasses will go well with your modern outfit as well. You can wear these with any style of outfit anywhere. Get these frames in blue lens glasses or transition glasses and wear them just anywhere.

Artsy look

If you are an artistic soul, you will show off with your outfit. This pair of stylish tortoiseshell eyeglasses will add flair to your artsy look. These glasses will give off a quirky look. You will be able to show your creative self with style and flair.

You can style up any look with your glasses. Glasses make your look distinctive and make you stand out. Choose glasses that match well with your face and your skin and pair them with the right style of outfits to get the perfect look you want. 

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