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Staying Home During the Second Wave? Here are some fun things to do to take your mind off the news

by Krutika Lohakare
Staying Home During the Second Wave? Here are some fun things to do to take your mind off the news

It’s like being stuck in a time warp, right? We all thought we’d left the worst of the pandemic and its anxieties behind in 2020. But as the second wave surges across India, we’re back where we began, constantly surrounded by alarming statistics, impending lockdowns and restrictive curfews. And when you’re stuck inside your hostel near CMR University, with only the news for company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, take a break from all the negativity, and engage in some tasks that will occupy your mind (and body) and give you some much needed respite.

Join an online yoga or zumba class

The advent of WFH has meant we’ve all got used to a large amount of sitting. But just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. You can take up an online yoga or zumba class to get yourself back into the groove. These spaces can be a safe way for you to meet some new people, or join with your friends, for some physical activity and fun. If you’re more of an introvert or looking for a cheaper alternative, you could substitute a structured class for some yoga or zumba guided practice videos on YouTube. Getting some exercise will help uplift your mind and energy levels, making you more productive through the day.

Start a YouTube channel

Hear us out. We’re not saying you need to become the next big vlogger or influencer. But you could take the opportunity that you have right now to make some videos for your channel. The past year has made us all a lot more tech friendly, so it’s a great time to put those skills to use. You can use your time at home to design and film content on any topic that you enjoy. And the best part is that you don’t even have to make your channel public. This can just work like an online journal for you to keep track of your hobbies and passions. You can share the videos with your friends or save them as memories of this time for yourself. Try this one out, you might end up loving it and making it a regular habit, irrespective of your subscriber count.

Cook for a crowd

The first lockdown probably had you in your kitchen already, trying everything from Dalgona coffee to banana bread. And the world of internet recipes isn’t going anywhere, if that’s what you want to explore. But why not spend your time in the kitchen to help out some others? As the case count increases in all the major cities, there may be several people in your building or hostel battling the virus themselves. Instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, why not lend a hand and make some easy and light meals to send for them. You could deliver these home-cooked meals yourself if your building rules allow, or use same-city courier services like Dunzo and WeFast to send to people living elsewhere. Not only will you be performing an act of kindness that will make you feel better, you’ll also be helping people who really need it.

Write it out

Journaling has always been a technique that helps people cope with difficult situations, but you don’t need to restrict yourself to only writing about your anxieties or day to day activities. Why not give your creative side an outlet. It’s no surprise that tough times often lead to the most creative art, so why not let your personal adversity be channelled into productivity. Go ahead and start penning the novel you’ve put off all your life, or try your hand at a more complex form like a play or poem collection. If you’re someone who likes mixed media, you could even challenge yourself to create a graphic novel, and work on one page every day. With any of these projects on the go, you won’t even notice time passing in your hostel near Presidency University, much less anything anxiety-inducing on the news. 

Try out one of these fun and useful suggestions for things you can do at home to take your mind off these difficult times. You’ll be using your time well, and giving yourself healthy coping strategies that you can stick with for life. So, try one of these activities at home, and stay safe.

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