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Relationship Tips to keep your marriage feel fresh forever!

by Madhuri Boinwad
Relationship Tips to keep your marriage feel fresh forever!

Ever looked at your spouse and thought to yourself that this is not the person you married? If yes, let me assure you that you are not alone. 

It is believed that life really changes after one gets married. It becomes boring and family-centered. People marry the love of their life but after some time, they stop feeling like being together with each other. It can be due to any reason, be it busy schedule or continuously poked by society or in-law pressure. Studies proved that 53 percent of people believe that their spouse has changed as soon as they walk down the aisle (I’m talking about personality change).  

Sure things tend to change after marriage, as it is a life-changing process. But it doesn’t mean that the change has to be boring, the change can be for good as well. It is totally up to you how you want to reverse the situation and rediscover the youthfulness and spark that was there in the early days of your relationship and is now lost somewhere. You just need to find the same spark before it dies. Don’t just share the house with your partner but share a bond as well. I know you are ready to go to any extent to bring back the same enthusiasm but believe me, you don’t need to pick out stars to do the same, small gestures like getting a cake delivery for your spouse, every now and then can do wonders. Well, if you are interested in mending your relations, here are some simple yet useful tips that can help you keep your marriage feel fresh all life long.  

Have a sense of humor

Humour is the key to every problem. It can save you from awkward situations, can mend up relationships after a fight, break awkward silences and most important humor can bring back the spark to any relationship. You see, without humor, life becomes dull and lacks the fun element. If your conversations become boring and predictable, you tend to avoid conversations. Don’t be oversensitive all the time that your partner feels scared to playfully tease you for something silly. Avoid being raw nerve all the time and give him/her the impression that you are a carefree partner and the other person feels free to kid around you.

Involvement in each other life

The most important point to start with is, showing interest and involvement in each other’s life. This factor can spice up anyone’s married life. Most couples start skipping this part, and it leads to the communication gap and results in misunderstandings. Sharing is the key to any successful relationship. But remember I’m not telling you to start stalking for the partner’s cell phone if he is not involving you in their life. Maybe they are not in a mood right now, but that surely doesn’t mean they are avoiding you. Just keep in mind that every relationship works on integrity and accountability from both ends. 

Cook together

Couple that cooks together, stays together (okay, I made that up), but trust me, that works without fail. To start with, make it a pact to cook a new meal together every now and then. This will give you some time together as a couple giving a break from the busy schedule. Sure, toasts popped out from the toaster works well, but a romantic and delicious meal co-created by you and your partner, or a baking session is just priceless. When you end up ruining a cake recipe, just order a birthday cake online and enjoy it together. 

Also, let me remind you, you are not in it for cooking so don’t really start arguing on the perfection of the recipe.

Keep a realistic approach

Another important point to keep your married life up the notch is by keeping a practical approach. Sure, the concept of happily ever after sounds amazing in fairy tales, but in real life, it really demands efforts to achieve that concept. But that doesn’t mean that there are no ups and downs in a happy marriage, of course, there are, but two people are really working hard to keep that tag up. All I’m saying is that, skip the unrealistic expectations as it will only lead you to failure and instead be a little more reasonable.   

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I hope these tips will help you to regrow the spark that has been missing all this time. It is very easy, you just have to make your marriage your priority (every day, without fail). 

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