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Online m4a to mp3 converter for free 

by Paresh Bramhane
Online m4a to mp3 converter for free 

Whenever we talk about the kings of audio files, we would have completely failed if we do not mention m4a and mp3 audio file formats. Due to the immense quality of these two audio files format, you always have tons of audio files made in any one of these formats. Depending on your preference you may desire to convert m4a to mp3 format or vice versa. It is important to note that there are so many amazing converters out there that offer you that opportunity effortlessly. This guide shows just how amazing these audio file formats are and how you can work with converters like Evano.com to make your conversion a reality. 

Introduction to the Amazing audio files


M4A is short for MPEG 4 Audio. This audio file compresses audio files by smartly making use of coder-decoder algorithms( making use of one or two of them- either the Advanced Audio Coding or the Apple Lossless Audio Codec). Many audio user fans who understand the difference between an m4A and mp3 audio files usually mention the quality of the m4A audio file format.  Yet even though this file format has a better quality it is usually smaller in size than the mp3 files. The Mp3 files share more similarities to other audio files when compared to the m4A audio file format.  This shows the reason why many audio lovers look for the perfect converter to make their m4a to mp3 file conversion easier.

Although not as popular as the mp3 files format, many audio-playback programs can open the m4A files. These programs include iTunes, VLC media player, Adobe Premiere Pro, QuickTime, and Windows Media player. Many Apple users go to iTunes as their default program to handle their m4A files.  make people who use windows devices,  a windows media player is the go-to audio file program opener. Windows users can see the contents of the m4A files by highlighting the file and pressing the spacebar. 


 MP3 is short for MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III. This digital audio file is used to compress a sound sequence by making it very small so that digital storage and transmission can be possible. Mp3 is widely known and the most used audio file by many consumers. The perks of mp3 are in small size, nice quality, and easy to store and share. It was initially released in 1993.

Many audio playback programs support mp3 files which makes them so prevalent today.  Whether you prefer iTunes or Windows Media player depending on your device of choice, simply clicking on the file would open it. Just like the m4A files you can also preview mp3 files. Other players can also open mp3 files including the popular VLC media player. Many mp3 media files are prone to viruses and can be corrupted easily so caution should be taken when handling such files because of the threat of malware.  

Technical details of the m4A and mp3 audio files 


The m4A audio file is developed to make it possible and so much easier to share music digitally.  Apart from music, you can also share podcasts and audiobook content. It was made after mp3 audio files format as a successor to its counterpart. M4A  files have a better quality and their files are smaller compared to the mp3 files.

M4A files also sound better than the mp3 files when you listen to them at the same bit rate and this is largely due to some of the enhancements of these file formats. Due to how wonderful this audio format is, many modern widely used electronic products like Apple, Nintendo, Android, Blackberry, Playstation and the justice system in cars make use of these audio files format. 

How it’s made 

M4A files are encoded with a system known as AAC.  This is short for advanced audio coding. These are in turn implemented with Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) or compression standards for AAC specifications.  This simply means that this audio file is made in such a way that it can be changed back whenever you want to the original quality In which they were before they were even compressed. This is no doubt a genius and amazing file format developed by Apple and it is made entirely different from mp4. 

For one thing, mp4 supports both audio and video whereas m4A supports only audio. Another wonderful benefit of this apple developed audio file m4A, is that it does not contain any digital rights management protection. Popular programs which it supports include android phones,  VLC, iPhone, iPad, Apple iTunes, windows players, android tablets, and so on. 


MP3 is an audio file that is made to make it possible for CD tracks to be reduced to about one-tenth their normal size without causing a major loss in its quality. The MP3 files erase a lot of information that is placed in a song. Our ears may not be able to hear and make use of algorithms to make the size smaller. So while it sounds to save you some storage space for some lovers of quality it may not give you that desire you crave. For marketers, MP3 is the go-to audio file guy because its size makes it possible for you to get hundreds of songs on a CD. The MP3  format also favors the new craving of the download market. Mp3s makes it possible for you to get these files with significantly reduced file sizes. 

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How it’s made 

The MP3 format can be referred to as a lossy format because it doesn’t give you 100% quality. This goes to show that you could be missing out on some original audio information with this file format. MP3 files are made to make use of perceptual coding. Simply put,  this means that the information(could be sounds or beats)  which your ear doesn’t notice is erased to make the overall file smaller. These are of great advantage regardless, because the original RAW audio files may be too large and they would not be easily uploaded on the internet at great speed. 

These RAW files might be slower and even too heavy to download. The use of MP3 lossy formats makes it possible for users to download MP3 files at a reasonable speed. As a direct comparison,  if a lossy format requires 200,000 bytes per second,  an mp3 format may just need 20,000 of that. This information shows how much the download times can be reduced by using an MP3 audio file format. 


We have seen how massive these giants of audio files can be and what they offer you.  When converting from one to the other says an m4A to MP3, you’d require a converter. You need not just any converter but the right ones that provide quality end products. Many are out there including sites like Evano.com and Ontiva.

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